New Brunswick Genealogical Society


The New Brunswick Genealogical Society, Inc. (NBGS, Inc.) is a non-profit organization founded in 1978 to encourage and facilitate family historical research in New Brunswick, Canada.  

The Mission, Mandate and Objectives of the Society are set out in the By-Laws.  
The Society is one of the founding members of the Genealogical Institute of the Maritimes, the licensing body for Certified Genealogists in the Maritimes.  You may discover more about the Genealogical Institute of the Maritimes by clicking here.
updated Feb 2023


All members receive the Society's journal, Generations, which is published quarterly and contains a variety of genealogy-related material associated with New Brunswick. 

All members may access the members-only section of our website including:

  • All issues of Generations from 1979 to the current issue.
  • The transcribed registers from Anglican Churches around the province.
  • Cemetery records and maps.
  • Marriage records.
  • Maps and plans.
  • Our obituaries index.
  • Our photo galleries.
  • A directory of all members.
  • First Families of New Brunswick, a collection of family group records.
  • Lists of surnames members are researching (to facilitate collaboration with other researchers)
To become a member click here.

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The documents that establish the rules for governing the Society are available to our members and to the public.
updated Feb 2023

The minutes of our meetings and financial reports are available to members. 
updated Feb 2023


NBGS has five Branches, located around New Brunswick. Members may join NBGS, Inc. directly, but are encouraged to join one or more of its  branches. Click on the Branch name for more information. 

Capital - includes York, Sunbury and Queens Counties
Charlotte - includes Charlotte County and part of York County.
Miramichi - includes Northumberland County and part of Kent County (opens an external website) Note: For new members joining the Miramichi branch, you will have immediate access to the main NBGS website, but creating login credentials for the Miramichi site is a manual process and will take several days. 
Saint John - includes Saint John and Kings Counties.
Southeastern - includes Westmorland, Albert, and Kent Counties.

updated Feb 2023

Officers of  NBGS, Inc. and of the branches:

Operating Year: January - December 2024

NBGS Provincial Officers
President: David Fraser
Past President: Jason N. Gaudet
Vice President: Daphne Wetmore
Secretary: Faye Baisley
Treasurer: David Laskey, UE
Generations Editor: David Fraser
Membership Secretary: Brian Cassidy
Webmanager: Daphne Wetmore
Social Media Manager: Ms. Megan Hicks
NBGS Provincial Directors
Director - Capital: Colleen A. Booker
Director - Capital: Carol Brander
Director - Capital: Evelyn Rose Fidler
Director - Charlotte: Jason N. Gaudet
Director - Charlotte: Karen Northrup
Director - Charlotte: Donna Walsh
Director - Miramichi: Mr. John V Hachey
Director - Miramichi: Anna M. MacDonald
Director - Miramichi: Roma Kathleen MacDonald
Director - NBGS: Vacant
Director - NBGS: Vacant
Director - NBGS: Vacant
Director - Saint John: Karen Urquhart
Director - Saint John: Robert Brooks
Director - Saint John: Mrs. Anne Renwick
Director - Southeastern: Donald Alward
Director - Southeastern: Peggy Vasseur
Director - Southeastern: Ruth Anne Robinson
Capital Branch
President: Vacant
Past President: Brian Cassidy
Vice President: Evelyn Rose Fidler
Secretary & Prov Director: Carol Brander
Treasurer: Ron Green
Membership Secretary: Dale Alexander
Program: Victor Badeau
Communications: Carol Brander
Communications & Alt Rep: Victor Badeau
Prov Director: Colleen A. Booker
Prov Director: Evelyn Rose Fidler
Alternate Rep: Rheal Gallant
Alternate Rep: Mr. Chris Daley
Charlotte Branch
President: Jason N. Gaudet
Secretary: Karen Northrup
Treasurer: Donna Walsh
Membership Secretary: Donna Walsh
Past President: Calvin Craig
Miramichi Branch
President: Roma Kathleen MacDonald
Vice President: Anna M. MacDonald
Past President: Faye Baisley
Treasurer: Elsie Stefanyk
Secretary: Roger C Savoy
Membership Secretary: Dianne Mullin
Director: Marilyn Creamer-Fowler
Director: Terry Savage
Director: William Donald
Director & Prov Rep: Mr. John V Hachey
Provincial Rep: Anna M. MacDonald
Provincial Rep: Roma Kathleen MacDonald
Saint John Branch
President: Vacant
Vice President: David Barrett
Past President: Karen Urquhart
Secretary: Daphne Wetmore
Treasurer: David Laskey, UE
Membership Secretary: Ruth McQuinn
Director: Mr. Bill Robert Armstrong
Director: David Fraser
Director: George Sabean
Director: Joan K. Pearce
Director: Joan R. Morris
Director: Lynn Kinsella
Director: Irene Keleher
Director & Prov Rep: Robert Brooks
Director & Prov Rep: Mrs. Anne Renwick
Southeastern Branch
President: Heather Alward
Vice President: Vacant
Past President: Donald Alward
Secretary & Prov Rep: Peggy Vasseur
Treasurer: Linda Deloughery
Membership Secretary: Heather Alward
Director: Thelma M. Perry
Director: Sherrill V. Carter
Director: Yvon Porelle
Director: Catherine Cox
Director: Mr. Mark Mitchell Brown
Director & Prov Rep: Ruth Anne Robinson
Provincial Rep: Heather Alward
Director: Donald Alward
Director: Mr. Denis John Savard