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Who We Are

The New Brunswick Genealogical Society Inc. (NBGS, Inc.) is a non-profit organization founded in 1978 to encourage and facilitate family historical research in New Brunswick, Canada.

The mission of the Society as a volunteer provincial heritage organization as summarized here from our constitution, is to promote and develop the study, research and preservation of genealogical records and family history.

  • promoting the collection, preservation and accessibility of the Province of New Brunswick genealogical and heritage records.
  • being the collective voice of genealogy and family history pertaining to the Province of New Brunswick.
  • co-ordinating genealogical and family history related projects pertaining to the Province of New Brunswick.
  • promoting education of members and the general public in New Brunswick with respect to genealogy and heritage.
  • encouraging the establishment of Branches within the Province of New Brunswick.
  • encouraging accuracy and thoroughness in genealogical research.
  • encouraging and instructing members and the public in the ethical principles, scientific methods, and effective techniques of genealogical research through publications, and workshops.
  • assembling a library of genealogical guides, handbooks, reference sources, family and local histories, and other books and materials to assist the members, which shall be available to the members and the public.
  • collecting, preserving and publishing materials relevant to the study of genealogy and family history.
  • developing and maintaining the human and financial resources of the Society.


Membership Benefits

All members receive the Society's journal, Generations, which is published quarterly. Generations is 68 pages long and contains book reviews, books for sale, passenger lists, rare documents, notices of genealogical seminars, cemeteries, census and other genealogy related material associated with New Brunswick. There is also a Queries section. The magazine is distributed to over one thousand members across North America and overseas.

Search our members only database on "First Families of New Brunswick", a collection of Family group records.

Post the surnames you are researching to the website so others including non-members can collaborate with you.

Access the members only section where you will find a directory of all members and back issues of the Generations journal.

Receive email notification of meetings and events and newsletters from individual branches.


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English Membership Form

Formule de cotisation


Following is a list of the officers of the Provincial NBGS as well as the various branches


Operating Year: January - December 2016

Provincial Officers

President: Don Doherty
1st Vice President: David Laskey
2nd Vice President: Vacant
Past President: David Fyffe
Secretary: Sherrill Carter
Treasurer: David Fraser
Generations Editor: David Fraser
Membership Secretary: Dianne Mullin

Capital Branch

President: Brian Cassidy
Vice President: Andrew Gunter
Secretary: Shirley Graves
Treasurer: Ron Green
Membership Secretary: Frank Morehouse
Program: Victor Badeau
Library & Telephone: Carol Brander
Provincial Rep: Andrew Gunter
Provincial Rep: Carol Brander
Provincial Rep: Stephanie Heenan-Orr

Charlotte Branch

President: Jason Gaudet
Secretary: Karen Northrup
Treasurer: Donna Walsh
Membership Secretary: Donna Walsh

Miramichi Branch

President: Faye Baisley
Vice President: Marshall Gaston
Past President: Calvin Stewart
Secretary: John Fogan
Treasurer: Elsie Stefanyk
Membership Secretary/Director: Donna Kelly
Director: Dianne Mullin
Director: William Donald
Provincial Rep: Carolyn Harris
Provincial Rep: Faye Baisley
Provincial Rep: Marilyn Creamer-Fowler

Saint John Branch

President: David Fraser
Vice President: Vacant
Past President: David Laskey
Secretary: Beverlee Gregg
Treasurer: David Laskey
Membership Secretary: George Sabean
Director: Joan Pearce
Director: Mary Rosevear
Director: Lynn Kinsella
Director: Irene Keleher
Director: Janet Saunders-Cunningham
Director: Ruth McQuinn
Director: Elaine Moyer
Director: Karen Urquhart
Director: Mary Chisholm
Director: Susan Ewing

Southeastern Branch (Moncton)

President : Heather Fraser
1st Vice President: Peggy Vasseur
2nd Vice President: Vacant
Past President: Thelma Perry
Secretary: Vacant
Treasurer: Linda Deloughery
Membership Secretary : Stan Balch
Director: Sherrill Carter
Director: Vacant
Director: Vacant
Director: Tom Pollock
Director: David Fyffe
Director: Leslie Gogan
Director & Provincial Rep: Norma Jean Killam
Provincial Rep: Thelma Perry
Provincial Rep: Stan Balch